Services - West Coast Woodpickers
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West Coast Woodpickers is a sustainable wood manufacturing and design venture based in Surrey, B.C., Canada that reclaims wood scraps from BC landfills into sustainable souvenirs. 

We pick up scrap wood including damaged pallets and dry wood (oak, spruce, pine, cedar, etc.) from participating businesses and residents in Metro Vancouver. We process the wood in-house into reusable lumber, which we turn into new products — including our sustainable souvenirs – and fulfill custom, wholesale, and retail orders.

We serve locally-owned and operated hotels in British Columbia, and small and medium sized retailers in the gift shop and retail industry. Our recent, notable clients include Blackcomb Peaks Accomodation, SFU Bookstores, and the SFU Sustainability Office.


We take custom orders on our sustainable magnets, key chains, and coasters, and can brand logos and designs to reflect your corporate or organization. As a sustainable wood manufacturing and design venture based in Surrey, B.C., Canada, we source locally and use only reclaimed wood.

Contact us at for custom inquiries. We’d love to hear from you!


As our capabilities lie in reclaiming wood waste and creating new small-scale products, our sustainable coasters, magnets, and keychains are functional, and industry-defying. Here are some ways our products can be customized for your needs:

– Customize your order and stock our eco-friendly products in your hotel rooms

– Resell our work in your local brick and mortar shop.

– Give a sustainable gift for a loved one’s birthday or to commemorate their life achievements – from weddings and graduations to house move-ins.

– Differentiate yourself as a vendor at local fairs and markets by using our reclaimed wood bases as your artistic canvas.

– Or if you’re a company or non-profit handing out swag at fairs and events, place an order for our reclaimed, 100% upcycled products that can be customized with your logo.


The possibilities are endless – contact us with your custom inquiry!