Sustainable Wooden Coasters - West Coast Woodpickers
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Sustainable Wooden Coasters – Made in Vancouver

Our handcrafted, sustainable wooden coasters are made from 100% reclaimed wood and sourced from local businesses and residents. The wood is handpicked, hand-processed, and we salvage as much as we can to divert waste from landfills and recycling. Our coasters are available in two shapes: circle and square, and are routed to give a curved side. The coasters are sanded to 220 grit and finished with three coats of natural linseed oil.

Sustainable Wooden Coasters - Handcrafted & Artisan Made in Vancouver BC


Available individually, and sets of 2 or 4
Dimensions: 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 1cm
Shapes Available: Circle, Square
Engraving Available: Yes
Spot Color Available: TBA
Wood Species: Spruce, Oak, and Pine*


Because our wood is 100% reclaimed, we cannot guarantee the type of wood we use for your order. Most of our coasters are made out of spruce, oak, or pine.


We turn mattress boards, unused wood, and broken shipping pallets into our coasters. By choosing sustainable wooden coasters, you’re helping us divert waste from landfills and also helping us make our communities healthier, and environmentally-friendly.


Video coming soon. Stay tuned!